The modern approach to modern car

The modern approach to modern car


SeatsControl is used to install seats from BMW-7 (F01, E-65, E-66), Mercedes-Benz (215, 220) in any other vehicle (yacht, helicopter, plane, etc).

TEC electronics changes definition of comfort

Modern vehicle is a place to work and rest. We spend more and more time on the road. And we want to spend that time in comfort. TEC electronics presents SeatsControl - device to make your vehicle truly comfortable.

SeatsControl – is unit to install luxury seats in your vehicle. It imitates CAN signals in vehicles where CAN bus is unavaliable. New modification of SeatsControl allows to install seats from BMW 7 2008 model year (F01, E-65, E-66), Mercedes-Benz (215, 220).



- Vibration resistance by using SMD components;
- Automotive grade components, which are used by major automotive manufacturers.

SeatsControl is a complete solution, which allows you to reach maximum comfort in any place, for example in a yacht, bus, or your plane.

SeatsControl imitates BMW-7 (F01). 
SeatsControl-MB imitates Mercedes-Benz (215, 220). 

SeatsControl-E65 imitates BMW-7 (E-65, E-66). 

This way seats can be installed completely with their control units and physical controls.

Unit imitates following vehicle states:
  • Open doors
  • Ignition is on
  • Daylight lights are on
Technical characteristics


 Operating voltage  9 ... 15 V
 Maximum current draw in operation mode   max 60 mA
 Maximum current draw in idle mode   max 1,5 mA
 Plastic enclosure  42 х 52 х 12 mm
 Operation temperature  – 40 ... + 85°C
 Storage temperature  – 40 ... + 85°C
 Relative air humidity  95 %   


 Operating voltage  9 ... 20 V
 Maximum current draw in idle mode                                                           max 1 mA
 Temperature  – 40 ... + 80 °C
 Plastic enclosure  66 х 47 х 16 mm

Technical support

Here you may find all nessesary documentation and software to keep your system up to date or solve issues that you may encounter.


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