The modern approach to modern car

The modern approach to modern car


Underhood unit HCU-230 – used to control additional electrmechanical hood lock. Unit can work with all security systems made by TEC.

Underhood unit HCU-230 and security systems are connected via TP-BUS with 2 way encryption.
Underhood unit allows you to add new layer of protection to your vehicle.

V.pngTEC systems are compatible with HCU-230 since

Advantages of using HCU-230:

How does it work:

Hood lock will close as soon as alarm is armed (central lock is locked) and if engine lock was triggered, and opens after authentication (via PIN-code and\or RFID-tag). Hood lock will not close if the hood is open.
Technical characteristics
 Operational voltage  9 … 15 V
 Maximum current consumption in idle mode  0,3 mA
 Maximum current consumption in operation mode
 10,5 A
 Operation temperature  – 40 … + 85°C
 Storage temperature  – 40 … + 85°C
 Maximum relative humidity  95 %

Technical support

Here you may find all nessesary documentation and software to keep your system up to date or solve issues that you may encounter.


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