The modern approach to modern car

The modern approach to modern car


Convinient and secure Slave-security system enhanced by immobilizer with 2 security features. PINTODrive will prevent stealing from parking space, and AntiHiJack feature will prevent your vehicle from being hijacked. Owner can be authenticated with PIN-code.

Innovation in a small package:
  • Small unit for hidden installation and maximum security
  • Slave-security system and immobilizer – two devices in one
  • Built-in shock and tilt sensors with adjustable sensitivity
  • To reduce false triggers of the sensors Fourier transformation is used
  • Mini-USB connector for setup and firmware updates via PC
  • PIN-code which can be entered with one or more buttons
  • Siren and notification volume adjustment
Set of features to enhance security:
  • PIN-code can be changed multiple times
  • PIN-code can entered with different buttons
  • Maintenance mode to leave your vehicle in the shop for maintenance. All security features will turn off and there is no need to give your PIN-code to people you don't know
  • PUK-code (comes on a special card) in case if PIN-code is lost
Easy to install:
  • Few parts to install
  • Fast and simple connection to CAN bus
  • Intellectual dignostic system

Technical characteristics
 Operational voltage  9 … 15 V
 Maximum current draw in idle mode  3,5 mA
 Maximum current draw in operational mode
 200 mA
 Operational temperature  – 40 … + 85°С
 Storage temperature  – 40 … + 85°С
 Maximum relative humidity  95 %

Technical support

Here you may find all nessesary documentation and software to keep your system up to date or solve issues that you may encounter.


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