The modern approach to modern car

The modern approach to modern car


AMiC – Automotive Multimedia interface Control. Unit to control factory entertainment system with IR remote control.

In may modern vehicles rear passenger cannot control control entertainment system.For example, they have to ask driver to switch TV to radio, adjust volume or change some settings. But distracting driver is not safe.
AMiC-MMI-Standart was developed specifically for rear passengers, and it gives them an option to control multimedia console of the vehicle (volume, channels, menu, muting sound, etc.). Unit is easy to install and completely invisible for diagnostic equipment.
Technical characteristics
 Operativ voltage                                                     9 ... 15 V
 Temperature  – 40 ... + 85°C

Technical support

Here you may find all nessesary documentation and software to keep your system up to date or solve issues that you may encounter.


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