The modern approach to modern car

The modern approach to modern car


Filter – unit which allows to turn on TV while vehicle is moving.

Keeps image on the built-in screen while vehicle is moving. Allows to watch TV or connected video sources while vehicle is moving. All units can be quickly disabled (for navigation system to operate correctly) via steering wheel buttons.
Unit connects to CAN bus and completely invisible for diagostic equipment or other devices in the vehicle.Compliant to CAN 2.0 B Active specifications. Unit is made with the best components, for example Epcos made EMC filters.
Technical characteristics
 Operational voltage  9 ... 15 V
 Maximum current draw in operational mode  200 mA
 Maximum current draw in idle mode      1,5 mA
 Temperature  – 40 ... + 85°C
 Maximum relative humidity  95 %

Technical support

Here you may find all nessesary documentation and software to keep your system up to date or solve issues that you may encounter.


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