The User Agreement for the Services of TEC electronics Group of companies

1. General provisions

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter, the Agreement) defines the rules and conditions for the use of Internet services (hereinafter, the Services) of TEC electronics LLC and TEC-Center LLC (hereinafter, TEC electronics) for an Internet user (hereinafter, the User).

1.2. The relationship between the User and TEC electronics shall arise from the time when the User begins to use a service or its individual functions, even if he/she has not passed the registration procedure.

1.3. The User fully and unconditionally shall accept the terms of the Agreement in accordance with Article No. 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. If the User disagrees with the Agreement or with any of its provisions, he/she is not entitled to use the TEC electronics Services, at least partially.

1.4. TEC electronics shall provide Users with access to the Services, including but not limited to: tools for search, navigation, communication, shopping, monitoring, control objects (vehicles, etc.), etc. The subject of this Agreement is the Services of TEC electronics existing at the time of User acceptance, as well as any of their developments, including new functions and/or services.

1.5. The terms and conditions of use of the Services are governed by this Agreement, the Privacy Policy (, and the terms and conditions for the use of certain services, if any. This User Agreement is publicly available. The Agreement can be amended by TEC electronics unilaterally and without any prior notice. The revised version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Internet at, unless otherwise provided for in the revised version of the Agreement. If TEC electronics has made any changes to the Agreement with which the User disagree, he/she must immediately stop using the TEC electronics Services.

1.6. The current version of the User Agreement is posted on the page at

2. User Registration and Account

2.1. The User account in the TEC electronics system is unique and is designed to enable the User to use the TEC electronics Services or some of their individual functions.

2.2. Registration of the User in the system of TEC electronics Services is voluntary and free of charge.

2.3. For purpose of security, when registering an account, the User must provide true information about himself/herself as to all mandatory items in the registration form, and also keep this information up to date.

2.4. The User's personal information contained in the account is stored and processed by TEC electronics under the Privacy Policy ( in accordance with the current law of the Russian Federation.

2.5. When registering with the TEC electronics Services, the user specifies his/her mobile phone, sets own nickname (unique name, under which the User will be presented on the TEC electronics Services) and login. For safety purposes, TEC electronics can set requirements for login and password (exceptions, length, allowable symbols, etc.).

2.6. The User shall bear all risks of preserving the confidentiality of his/her chosen password. If there are any suspicions of compromising the password and/or unauthorized access to the account, the User must immediately inform TEC electronics about this and take reasonable steps to change the password.

2.7. All actions performed using the login and password of the user account are deemed to be committed by the relevant User, unless the User has timely notified TEC electronics of unauthorized access to his/her account.

2.8. In order to ensure safety, the User must independently complete the sessions of TEC electronics Services using the Exit button or the Exit menu item. TEC electronics shall not be responsible for the loss of the User's data, nor for any other negative consequences of any nature that may occur for this reason.

2.9. TEC electronics shall be entitled to perform the following actions at its sole discretion: to delete the account or suspend access to it; to prohibit access to certain TEC electronics Services; remove any information without explanation.

3. Terms and conditions for provision and use of the Services

3.1. TEC electronics Services are provided free of charge.

3.2. The Services of TEC electronics and any information obtained through them can be used exclusively for personal non-commercial purposes.

3.3. TEC electronics has the right to unilaterally set restrictions (temporary or permanent) on use of the Services or their individual functions. Restrictions may be imposed on the amount of stored information, the number of geo-areas, etc., and for periods of storage of information or a part thereof, etc.

3.4. TEC electronics can prohibit the automatic access to their Services (or parts thereof), as well as stop receiving any information (or part thereof) generated automatically.

3.5. TEC electronics shall not guarantee the operability of the Services on all devices of the User. The restriction applies to any electronic means, including mobile phones, smart phones, computers, tablets, smart watches, etc.

3.6. By accepting this User Agreement, the User agrees that for security purposes, improving the quality of services, developing the services of TEC electronics, TEC electronics can send information messages to its users via telecommunications channels (SMS, MMS, e-mail, etc.) to contacts registered in the personal account .

3.7. The User is personally responsible for his/her actions related to the use of the TEC electronics Services, including, if such actions lead to a violation of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as compliance with applicable law.

3.8. The User shall not be entitled to:

3.9. In terms of TEC electronics Services, the User is able to independently add various information, including geo-areas, geo-marks, text signatures, etc. (hereinafter, the User objects). Adding User objects does not change the User's initial data and is applied for convenience of using the services of TEC electronics.

3.10. TEC electronics reserves the right to remove any User object, if its description is contrary to the law of the Russian Federation, contains profanity or violates this Agreement.

3.11. TEC electronics shall not guarantee the safety of data about the User's objects when developing and/or changing the Services.

3.12. The User shall assume all risks of setting up the Services, bearing in mind that the number of notifications received by the User and the amount of information transmitted by the devices depend on them.

4. Rights to objects and maintenance of TEC electronics Services

4.1. All objects and content posted on the TEC electronics Services are subject to the exclusive rights of TEC electronics, the Users and other rights owners.

4.2. Use of any elements of the TEC electronics Services is possible only within the scope of the services provided. Copying, processing, distribution, etc. is prohibited without the prior permission of the copyright holders.

5. Disclaimer

5.1. The User is notified and agrees to use the Services provided by TEC electronics and the information obtained through them at his own risk. The User is solely responsible for the possible consequences of using this information, including for damage that it may cause to third parties, for loss of data or any other possible harm.

5.2. TEC electronics does not assume any responsibility for any types of losses that have occurred as a result of the User's use of the TEC electronics Services and refuses any guarantee that the TEC electronics Services comply with the specific purposes and requirements of the User.

5.3. TEC electronics Services can not and must not be used to ensure the safety of life and health of people and animals.

5.4. TEC electronics does not guarantee that:

6. Final Provisions

6.1. This Agreement between TEC electronics and the User on the terms and conditions of use of the Services supersedes all previous agreements between the TEC electronics and the User on these matters.

6.2. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with current law of the Russian Federation. To the extent not provided for herein, the applicable laws of the Russian Federation shall apply.

6.3. If any issues and disputes arise relating to following this Agreement, TEC electronics and the User will put in the necessary effort to resolve them through negotiations. If negotiations are ineffective, then disputes are to be resolved in accordance with the current law of the Russian Federation.

The User acknowledges having informed himself/herself with all clauses of this Agreement and unconditionally accepts them.

Published 30.07.2018.